Strength. Camaraderie. CrossFit.

CrossFit in New Lenox

The guiding principle of CrossFit Invalesco is right in the name. We help you get strong . . .and not in just the ways you might be thinking. Of course, we’re committed to helping our members build muscle and shed body fat, but we also facilitate building strength in so many other ways. Getting fit and healthy in a way that you actually love doing does something special. It reduces stress, increases longevity, it makes you more confident, it elevates your happiness, it shows you what you can be capable of in so many other areas of your life. Building strength may start at our gym but the benefits of a strong life certainly don’t end here.

Come in for a free training session and see how it works for yourself. Any level of fitness is welcome at CrossFit Invalesco as we scale our guided workouts to be exactly what you’re ready for. Our expert coaches and community will show you how a combination of strength, camaraderie, and CrossFit can become one of the best parts of your day. 

Strength. Camaraderie. CrossFit.

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Our Training Grounds

With large bay doors to bring in tons of natural sunlight, our facility is expertly designed and stocked with the latest and best functional fitness equipment you would need to compete professionally or train for life: assault bikes, tall ceilings for rope climbs and muscle ups, plenty of room to run freely right outside of our gym, and plenty more. 

Our gym is the largest CrossFit facility in the New Lenox area which is also complete with a dedicated children’s area so moms and dads can train while the little people play safely away from the action. We’re proud of our commitment to keep our training grounds organized and clean so you can focus on getting fit - not dirty. Come stop by for a tour of our gym - we’d love to show you around. 

  • I don’t know that words can completely describe what Invalesco has done for me not just physically, but mentally. A few years prior to CrossFit, I had been a college athlete. Working out was a job, not something I did just for me. When those years were over, I didn’t know what to do with myself. Everything I had known before was swimming to compete, not for enjoyment. I tried to go to the gym and work out, but I did not know what machines to use or really what I was doing. Cardio over and over became boring, and so I quit. Three years and thirty pounds later, I found myself overweight and very frustrated with myself. When I met Meg, it took her…


  • This gym is truly one of a kind. The coaches are some of the most knowledgeable and patient people I have ever met. They also give you that extra push to keep going (or in my case, get started.) Whether you’re a seasoned member or freshly starting out, they help you scale to what your body can do and will help you get to where you want to be. As for the members, you won’t find a group of people more supportive. They are great to remind you that everyone starts from a different place and to give your all. Five star place that you won’t find anywhere else.