Success Stories



Meet some of the members of our CrossFit Invalesco community. While we're proud to bring the New Lenox area the most experienced coaching and expertly crafted programming, it takes two to see results. We're so grateful to have people like this who are on a mission to be their best selves.



Tara F.

CrossFit Invalesco is the best!! Invalesco has a great community of welcoming people who will quickly become your friends. The people here have been here for years because they're a family. If you're looking for a place where you can try out your New Year's resolution for a month and then fall off the grid, keep looking because this isn't the place for you. The community here will hold you accountable and you'll want to keep coming back. The coaches here are simply the most experienced and hold the most credentials of all the CF gyms in the area. You will learn how to perform movements correctly and with great form. If you're looking for a coach who will be your personal cheerleader as you flex your superiority complex while using bad form to cheat your reps, then keep looking because this isn't the place for you. Corey, the head coach, and owner, has an ethical no-bull approach to coaching. He will get you to your goals safely and quickly. You'll also love the other coaches, Alison and Kyle, who are very knowledgeable and encouraging. Everyone here will help you improve and excel as an athlete, and that's what CrossFit is all about.



Courtney T.

I was looking for a workout that would keep my interest and get me in better shape quickly. The classes have great music, instructors that are motivating, and every workout is different which is what I loved most about CrossFit Invalesco. The classes are very challenging but can be modified to your individual level. I have done personal training, Spin Classes and been a member of numerous gyms but I really learned a lot on correct form and technique from being apart of CrossFit Invalesco. The members of CrossFit Invalesco are friendly and welcoming to new people. It is easy to see the availability of classes and sign up on the App. If you are someone who is wanting to see if CrossFit is for you I would DEFINITELY recommend CrossFit Invalesco.



Joe T.

CrossFit Invalesco is my favorite gym to drop in at when I'm home. The coaching is top notch, and provide insight to movements that can only come from years of experience. Friendly, welcoming people that are more than willing to help you out if needed. I especially like that the gym is clean and very well organized - everything has a home.



Lindsay R.

Living in Milwaukee and now Boston, CF Invalesco is always my home gym when I do make it back to my parents house on breaks/for holidays. Even though I work with a coach remotely, the coaches at Invalesco are always more than happy to help with any issues that arise with my training. I continue to stay motivated and am held accountable for each workout even if I am training alone.... Oh and ya, the people are pretty amazing too. It's nice to come home to another tight-knit community.



Justin S.

I first learned about Invalesco from a few friends that were members. I decided to go in for the 6-week challenge and see what CrossFit was all about. Let's just say, it's one hell of a good workout. I transitioned right from the 6-week program into a full-time member.
The coaches work with you to push you or to scale the workout to your limitations. They are very knowledgeable about the workouts and helping you with meal plans. I am very thankful to have been apart of such a great community of people! I have met some wonderful people that I now call friends.



Shelly Z.

I'm so glad I signed up! I saw their 6-week challenge and thought I would give it a shot. I've never done CrossFit before so I didn't know what to expect. Everyone here makes you feel so welcomed and are very encouraging. A really great group of people. The coaches are great and are very realistic with you. They don't want you to just lose weight, they truly want you to be healthy overall. Corey texts me during the week to check in which really keeps you motivated. I can't say enough about Crossfit Invalesco. Almost done with my 6 weeks, but I will definitely be sticking around. Definitely recommend everyone to try this place.